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    E_ADEPT_DOCUMENT_TYPE_UNKNOWN downloading a book from Google Play Books



      As suggested by the title, I get an error when I try opening a book I downloaded from Google Play Books with ADE.

      This is the error:


      (in English it should sound like "Unable to download. License server communication problem: E_ADEPT_DOCUMENT_TYPE_UNKNOWN").

      I also tried downloading the book manually from the URL in the .acsm file, but I get another error:


      I contacted Google Play assistance but they couldn't help me.

      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling ADE, on two different PCs, but it didn't worked.

      I downloaded the .acsm file many times, for .epub and .PDF version of the book, but it didn't worked.

      I didn't have any problem with books downloaded before and after that one from Google Play Books.


      Can someone give me any advice?

      Thank you in advance.