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    Acrobat Pro DC Needs Better ERROR Messages

    DanTron78 Level 1

      I'll first give an example then explain why Acrobat Pro DC needs better error messages.


      We often work with large PDFs (sometimes 10,000 pages or more) that are created by joining together many smaller PDFs in Acrobat Pro DC.


      Bates Numbers are applied and sometimes removed and re-applied as the document get's built.


      Sometimes something goes wrong when editing the PDF.

      For example Edit > More > Bates Numbering > Remove... gives an error "A number is out of range."



      This error unfortunately comes up for us a lot which I guess is to be somewhat expected when combining hundreds of PDFs from various sources. I'm assuming not every PDF generator follows exact PDF standards; iPhones, bank websites, 3rd party PDF printers, etc. However these PDFs were all combined with Acrobat Pro DC. Meaning that Acrobat Pro DC is not checking the PDFs or sanitising the data when they are imported! But that is another subject for another day...


      The problem we have is that the error message(s) don't even tell us on which page it encountered the error. So we are left scratching out heads wondering which page or which part of the 10,000 page document has the problem.


      What would be better would to give an option to the user ignore the error and keep processing the rest of the document. OR process the entire document and generate a report of pages that contained errors so the user could then attempt to go and repair those pages.


      Ok so hold on because this gets better...


      So to attempt to repair the document(s) we try and split them into smaller documents using Organise Pages > Split >  say 100 pages or 1000 pages per "Part"

      Then we get the error: "An incorrect structure was found in the PDF."



      Ok well what now? Where is the option to repair the structure of the PDF?? Or at least tell the user what part of the structure was incorrect.


      Ok so now I guess we'll export the whole thing to PostScript and run it through Acrobat Distiller DC and rebuild the PDF with the Standard profile.

      Which still gives us the same errors! So the only option we are left with is rebuilding the entire PDF from the ground up which can take days...


      I understand that the Adobe Support Community can't really change the future of Adobe products but I am hoping this post will eventually make it to the developers at Adobe who might add just a few lines of code to tell me on which page the "A number is out of range." It would be very helpful.


      Acrobat Pro DC is a great product but when things go wrong it doesn't seem to handle errors very well.

      Please build-in PDF document error recovery or at least give the end-user a little more information to help them fix the problems. This is a "Pro" product.


      Thanks for your time. I hope this reaches the right people.