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    mbox.js is throwing error.


      I have placed the code in the header section of the website. I am testing my hands on Adobe Target tool but I am facing an error "mbox.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: TNT.a.Bb is not a function" . What could be the possible reason. Any help is accepted. I am stuck from many days.

      Here is the url


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          ParitMittal Level 5

          Hi Abhishek,


          I tried to debug the issue at my end . The above error occurs on Chrome Browser & not the firefox however in the debugger the global mbox call is successfully firing and even the mbox.js is successfully loaded on the page in chrome as well firefox.


          For better debugging of mbox call : can you check the mbox trace by adding the url with the below parameter


          You can grab the authentication token from your marketing cloud by going to  [Target -> Setup Tab -> Implementation on Left Rail ]




          Parit Mittal