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    Importing from iBooks Author via EPUB


      Okay, so. This is my situation. I have an eBook that I developed through iBooks Author which I eventually published through a certain couple outlets. I want to now publish on Amazon Kindle. Consequently, I've run into problems. For one, I cannot convert IBA files into KP8 and related formats because reasons. I since learned I can convert it into an epub file, which can then be put onto Kindle. However, iBooks Author doesn't allow you to implement inline images in their epub files because reasons. This is a problem, since a few of the chapters have this. I've been told I can implement inline images into an epub through InDesign. Of course, I'm not sure how to do that while retaining the work I did on iBooks Author.


      At first I thought I could import the material as a PDF. That doesn't work however, since PDFs are treated as objects in InDesign and thus cannot be edited, because reasons. My next idea is to simply convert the file into an epub on iBooks Author, convert it into an acceptable set of files via ickmull, then redesign the layout on InDesign and export as a fixed-layout epub. I'm just not sure if it could work, though. Is that plausible? Is there a simpler solution to my situation?


      (note that I cannot and will not publish on iBooks itself)