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    help how to resize this tiny image




      Hi guys..


      I have a problem to resize that image, I don't know it's possible to fixed that picture or not, but when I try to resize with photoshop the text still blur and can't be read..
      please someone tell me how to fix it? I really need the text inside.. If it can be fixed how to be fixed it? but if it's impossible to fix it it's okay.. help me to answer my question please..

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Impossible. They do this sort of thing on TV, but it's fantasy.

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            c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

            Once data in an image has been destroyed it can not be retrieved (without access to a previous version).

            Just like after rounding a number there is no way to determine what the original was based on the rounded number alone.


            If there is only o small number of possible texts out might be possible to determine the (most likely) one.

            But as for »reading« the text I would estimate that many of the letters are effectively being represented by roughly six pixels so the original information has been irretrievably deteriorated in my opinion.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              If it's an online type image, then using a Google Image Search browser plug-in will find other instances.

              But there's nothing there in this instance.  In fact, even if there were larger sizes, it would be a big ask of Google top trace them with so little data to work with.  But there might be other ways to track down a better version by working backwards from where the image came from, and checking their website, or flat out asking them.   What are we looking at here, and what is the context etc.?  What are you trying to get from the image?

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