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    Acrobat Pro Event Listener?? Better ideas?

    rickg76305781 Level 1

      Is it possible to script an event listener into Acrobat?


      I am trying to automate a workflow and I don't know how to go about it. I know very little about JavaScript and was hoping someone could help figure out how to do it.


      Throughout my day I am searching for files on several different volumes. I am working with new piece of file search software (HoudahSpot) and it has certain limitations.


      In general my workflow is as follows:


      Simply, I receive a PDF file with a list of numbers, open the file in Acrobat Pro, highlight/copy the list and paste the result into the search software and hit search.


      The issue is now that HoudahSpot can not search a list of names without "or" in between each entry










      when pasted into HoudahSpot it appears as


      1954834 1983142 1986741 1986753 1987001 1987198


      the above will not work and needs to be


      1954834 or 1983142 or 1986741 or 1986753 or 1987001 or 1987198


      Is it possible to create a script for Acrobat that would "on copy" add an "or" between the entries?


      I am guessing that this isn't possible?? I am looking for ideas. I want the process to be as seamless as possible.


      Thank you in advance