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    iPad pro- please need help!

    Melina Piroso

      i just bought an iPad pro for the sole purpose of using my Adobe products with it. I downloaded the CC app, and it will NOT let me sign in. It keeps saying the password is incorrect, even thought it was 100% correct. I even reset it. I called adobe and they said it's because CC is only for desktop- but then why do they have a mobile download? If it's only for desktop, then how do you draw on the iPad? What program am I supposed to use? If it's a compatibility issue, why does it only say it's a password issue? The password and login, by the way, work 100% on my other two computers.



      I'm about to return this iPad, if I can't draw on it with illustrator or photoshop. No use in having it!


      Thanks in advance to all who answer!