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    Why was my Owl pic rejected?

    lowell wylie

      Why is this picture rejected for Grain/Noise?

      Their statement is - (Thanks for giving us the chance to consider your image. Unfortunately, during our review we found that it features excessive post-processing and/or noise, so we can't accept it into our collection.)

      There was not post-production on this photograph. Can someone please tell me what they are talking about?





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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your image looks nice and sharp when you view it zoomed out and small.


          However, if you zoom in and view your image at 100%, you will see that it does not hold up.


          See this detail:


          The owl is meant to be the focus of your image, but it's all blurry and a bit noisy. The whole image is like that. There is a very visible colorful noise through the whole image like it's taking a too-compressed shot. But seriously, look at your image at 100% zoom in Photoshop so it's full-size. You'll see it's blurry and noisy.

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