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    What happened to Muse and Typekit?

    matt@eink.net Level 1

      What happened?  We have dozens of Muse-built websites that we manage.  Suddenly, starting last week, none of them will export to HTML.  Previous forum posts suggest that the trouble relates to the use of Typekit fonts.  Previous forum posts that are listed as "Answered" because the user replaced Typekit fonts with something else. 


      Can anybody help resolve the central issue?  What happened to Typekit that is causing this problem.  I really don't have the time to redesign all of my sites with different fonts unless I absolutely have to.  If I do have to redesign these sites I might as well just use a reliable platform that offers some degree of support, right?


      Come on Adobe.  Sure hope you don't go to the boneyard like our old friends in Boulder did.