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    Windows UAP splashscreen

    OrangeMason Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm using the phonegap build service to develop a windows 10/UAP app. Everything is working pretty great, but I just can't seem to figure out how to get a splashscreen working that fills up the screen of a Windows 10 phone.

      The documentation of the splash screen plugin states that the following should be enough to define your splash screens for windows:

      <splash src="res/screen/windows/splashscreen.png" target="SplashScreen"/> 
      <splash src="res/screen/windows/splashscreenphone.png" target="SplashScreenPhone"/> 

      In addition, I'm using the following in my config:

      <preference name="windows-appx-target" value="uap" /> 
      <preference name="windows-arch" value="arm" /> 

      So it only compiles for UAP with ARM architecture.


      I've provide both splash screen images in the corresponding directories as part of the zip file that I'm uploading to phonegap build. Their dimensions are 620x300 (splashscreen.png) and 1152 x 1920 (splashscreenphone.png). When I open up the APPX container that is produced by PGB however, I only get one splashscreen file in the 'images' directory named 'SplashScreen.scale-100.png'. The dimensions of this PNG are 620x300, which is the same as my original "splashscreen.png". The splashscreenphone.png entry seems to be ignored.

      When I launch the APPX on a windows phone, the splashscreen is shown, but as you can see in the screenshot it does not fill the screen as the dimensions do not correspond with those of the phone itself.


      I've tried a few different things, such as explicitly defining the width and height parameters for the splash screens in the config.xml and providing the exact images for each of the different dimensions that are mentioned in the documentation of the splash screen plugin, but it never gave me more than just the one splashscreen shown above.


      I've also looked at the star track demo app to see how that worked, but it actually just gives the same result when I upload it to PGB. It only gives you the 620x300 splash screen in the APPX and not the 1152x1920 one.


      So if you want to reproduce this problem, just download the star track demo app from github and upload it to PGB. Then download the APPX package, rename the APPX extension to ZIP, unzip it and voila: you will only see one splash screen in the images folder..