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    Images don't display in compiled help

      I was asked to update help content from a .CHM file. I decompiled the file and loaded the project. When I edit the HTM content using RoboHelp X5, the images display in the topics. However, once the file is compiled into an updated .CHM, the images don't display in the help. All you see is a red X box. What do I need to do within RoboHelp to correct this problem in the compiled .CHM file?

      Dana Frank
      Insurity Lead Technical Writer
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          Hi Dana and welcome to our community

          Well, for starters, you have some detective work to do. You need to examine each topic where the image is failing to display. Look at the code. See how the image is being referenced. Decompile the new file to a different location and see if the images are even inside the new file.

          Hope this helps offer some clues... Rick
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            Put all your images in main folder and then isert them again, you will never face this problem again. I was also facing this problem so by doing this i overcame this problem. you can contact me on my 092 321 5202126 at any time.