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    Apparent Permissions Issue

      I have a client who uses Contribute 3.11 because she believes it to be easier to use than Dreamweaver. However, when she tries to open certain pages, she is greeted by an error similar to: "Page is currently in use by another user. Please contact...". The curious thing is that she is the only person who uses the application, so the error makes no sense to me.

      She believes it may have something to do with her possibly not cancelling a draft before quitting or moving on to another project.

      This seems like a local application permissions issue, but I have no experience with Contribute in particular, but have use many Macr-Adobe-dia products in the past. Any clues?

      I think this is the same thing that "Joe Wood" describes in an earlier post (which I just discovered), but I don't know if deleting the LCK files is the best approach. If nothing else becomes apparent, that's the route I will likely take.