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    Help with Leading in a bulleted/numbered list


      Hi - I'm having some trouble with a numbered list.



      What you see is part of a much larger list of about 30 multi-lined items. The list itself is too large for the text space, so I need to reduce the space in-between the numbers. When I adjust the leading for the text box, the leading for the multi-lined items (like #7 pictured here) is affected as well. How can I adjust JUST the leading between the numbers so that multi-lined items (like #7) are not affected as well?

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          Leading is the space between the lines within a paragraph (i.e., the four lines of text for step 7). Use Space Before and Space After to add/remove space between paragraphs (i.e., between the numbered steps).


          And if you are using styles, you can adjust the spacing in the Control panel shown below then right click the style in the Styles panel > Redefine Style so that all of the spacing on the list is updated.



          InDesign CCss_018.png


          Space Before and After:

          InDesign CCss_021.png

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