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    What kind of hardware runs InDesign best?

    Gerben Wierda Level 1

      I use InDesign for one product: a large book with lots of diagrams, nice layout and lots of cross references which I update every two years or so.

      I currently run ID on two different systems

      - MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina Core i5 2 core 8GB Late 2013, SSD (when I'm on the road). 1,2 Core Geekbench 3: 3100,6400

      - iMac 27-inch Core i7 4 core 8GB Mid 2010, SSD (at home). 1,4 core GeekBench 3: 2400,8700


      ID is rather slow, what especially bothers me constantly is the lag between typing and screen updates. Somewhere in the coming year I expect to move to newer (Mac) hardware. I was thinking if temporarily using a 2013 Mac Pro would help me, but the single core speed of that machine is not much better than the MacBook Pro I have. So, my first question was: would using such a system actually help? Or does ID only use a single core? Looking at Activity Monitor, it seems ID is single-core.


      So, should I look for the highest single-core score I can find? Anything else that helps ID perform better than sluggishly?