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    Trouble with Photoshop when using pen and tablet

    sheana2014 Level 1

      I have Photoshop(latest subscription version) and a Wacom Intuos tablet. I am trying to learn to sketch digitally with a pen tablet(Wacom Intuos). I have 2 problems:


      1. the size of the drawing area is small....I can enlarge it with zoom, but then I don't know where I am.


      2. The pressure sensitivity is ok, but the pen is set to black, and barely shows, even though full opacity. What is best brush or tool for black outline sketching and what are the settings(hardness, size, opacity)?


      3. I see people on Youtube sketching so quickly and changing settings at the speed of light(so fast that I cannot even see what they are doing). Is this video editing, or use of hot keys with a lot of experience.


      I'll try to attach an example of a sketch to illustrate the problem. I set the brush to 50 and 100% hardness at 100% and they look the same. Color is gray rather than black. I tried to use the 2B pencil setting in royal blue, but nothing will draw. Blob line is the mouse, rest is pen. The blue that did draw is a brush preset, not the 2B pencil setting. Sorry for the garbage on the picture, but I just want to show the problems I am having. Drawing with the digital pen feels nothing like drawing with an actual pen/pencil. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.