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    How can I hide panel in Action Wizard (Adobe XI Pro)

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      I just upgraded to Adobe XI Pro from Adobe X Pro.  I was really frustrated to see that the user has access to all the steps in an action wizard via the panel (Panel (Untitled) in Image 1 below).  How do I hide this or gray this out?  There doesn't seem to be a way in the Edit window (Image 2).  I don't want the user to click on these out of sequence which it appears they can.  For example, I found the user can click on "Remove Hidden Information" 1st and then "Execute JavaScript" while skipping "Add Header&Footer" (Image 1).  Sure I could write instructions to ask them not to but there must be a way to "dummy proof" it, right?  Why would Adobe allow this access in the first place?


      Image 1:

      Image 2: