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    Lightroom Color Space/Color Management


      Hi all,


      I am new to Lightroom and I am struggling with the color space/color management settings when exporting. I will try to explain my problem the best I can.


      When I was done editing my photo, I exported the image as a JPG. I then sent the image to myself via email, and the image color was fine when I viewed it on my computer. However, when I viewed the photo on my IPhone 5s, the color was faded and washed out. I tried looking up solutions, and found out the solution was to change the color space setting to sRGB when exporting. I changed the color space to sRGB and resend the image to myself. Again, the image's color was fine when I viewed the photo on my computer, but it was still faded and discolored when I viewed it on my mobile device. I am extremely confused as to why the color is wrong when viewed on my mobile device. The most annoying part is that I saved the image on my mobile device so I can upload the two images side by side on this forum to show the different colors of the images but when I uploaded the image from my phone to my computer, the image's color was correct again. If you have a solution to this problem it would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you