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    Bi-directional features of the new InDesign CC 2017 (v12)

    someOne 1391

      I've been using the Adobe InDesign a while now

      In the previous versions, when you wanted to Install the application, you could choose the application to have the Bi-directional features by selecting the 'English - یدعم العربیه' option somewhere on the installation menus. But the new InDesign Installer, Doesn't even ask where I would like the application to be installed and does its job, simply installs !! and finally, you encounter with an application that, contrary to the previous versions, doesn't have any Right-to-Left Type Tool, or any of the bi-directional paragraph and character features!! Only the "Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer" is survived and It's not sufficient by its own, at all!! I've reviewed this page, but I want the stand-alone & flexible installer that lets me choose whether to install the support for the RTL scripts, like Arabic.

      Maybe I've downloaded the wrong file, or is there any such installer file, or maybe I'm completely lost in a desert!!?

      Please shed some lights on this.

      Thank you in advance