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    CS6 on windows 10


      I recently bought and downloaded a copy of CS6 and ran it on a laptop running windows 7 without any real issues at all, I have now upgraded my machine to a HP Z Book workstation running windows 10, As far as I can see the machine spec should have no issues performance wise but when I download CS6 and Bridge and try and run them I get the full screen with everything on it but the text is so small l can't read it. Is this a compatibility issue, can I make some adjustment to enable me to see the text? text on all other programs is ok, just Photoshop.     

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          You have a high resolution display Photoshop UI was developed for a lower resolution display.  Photoshop Does not user Windows display  scaling it uses you displays full resolution. So thing will look small on you high-resolution  display.  You can Update Windows 10 Registry to enable using external manifest files and add an external manifest file for Photoshop in Photoshop folder.  When You then use Photoshop Windows will scale Photoshop display to the lower resolution you set windows to use. Or you can do What I do. I use three displays two low resolution displays and a third high resolution display.  I have Photoshop UI on one low-resolution display  Bridge on the second low resolution Display and Photoshop Floating Image windows on the High-resolution display.  All three displays are connected to my Nvidia Quadro k2200  display ports.