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    INDEX [Problems adding new entries to an existing index]


      I am trying to add new entries to an existing index but it wont let me do that. It defaults to "topics" and when I go to reference, it doesn't have an "all" key.

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional
          1. Select the text in the document that you want to index (or just click where you want to add the index marker)
          2. Window > Type & Tables > Index
          3. Select Reference, then choose New Page Reference in the Index panel menu.
            InDesign CCss_022.png
          4. To create a simple index entry (such as cats), type the entry in the first Topic Levels box. (If text was selected, that text appears in the Topic Levels box.)
            InDesign CCss_023.png

          5. To add an entry to the index, do any of the following:
            • Click Add to add current entry and leave the dialog box open for additional entries.
            • Click Add All to locate all instances of the selected text in the document window and create an index marker for each one. Add All is available only if text in the document is selected.
            • Click OK to add the index entry and close the dialog box.