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    removeMovieClip issue

      I'm having problems with removeMovieClip(). I read somewhere that you cannot use that function on clips that have been placed on the stage in author-time, but could the use of UI components in the clip to be removed cause the function to not work?

      I have a clip on the stage that is called Contact, and it's placed in _root using attachMovie().
      When someone clicks on a button to close the form, it animates and then at the end of the animation, it should remove the clip. I've tested if the onMotionFinished handler fires, and it does. It's just skipping over the removeMovieClip(_root.Contact); call. I've tried using _root.Contact.removeMovieClip() with the same results.

      The reason I ask about component interference is that this script was working properly before today -- when I added a List and TextInput component to comContact.

      Anyone else have problems like this?

      Thanks for any help

      Code's below:
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          2m Level 2
          Actually I don' have much to offer in way off advice, but I also had some strange things happening in various projects after adding components.

          In the end I decided to use components only in projects where I rely mostly on them, and in other projects, I won't use them at all.

          (Not much of a help I know...)