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    Editing Action Wizards - Actrobat X to Acrobat XI




      I was recently migrated from Acrobat Pro X to Acrobat Pro XI.


      I have some Action Wizard sequences that I created (and could edit) in Acrobat X, but I can only execute them in Acrobat XI.  When I imported them, I got a dialog to the effect that although they could be used they would not access the full power of Acrobat XI.  Fine.  Being based on an older version of the host software, how could they?


      But now I find that I cannot even edit them.  In the list of available actions the little icon next to them is a darker gray than the OOB actions, and also darker than the newly-created test action I made (and could edit) with Acrobat XI.  The three older actions are in the red box in the screen shot below.




      Notice that the "Edit" button is disabled for my Acrobat X-vintage action.



      Is there some bit of magic or voodoo I can / need to perform that would let me edit the old wizards?


      I cannot find anything, anywhere, that says either explicitly or by implication that older sequences can be run but not edited in Acrobat XI.  Maybe I just do not have strong enough Google-Foo.


      And, before anyone suggests either reverting to Acrobat X or jumping to Acrobat DC: I do not control the version of the software installed on my machine.  That is controlled by the enterprise and I have no say in the matter.  (I was not even notified that the update was about to occur.  It simply happened, one night when I was not looking.)