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    Need tips to keep cast list organized

    Mattnesss Level 1
      This is my first time working on a big project in Director, and I find I am having incredible trouble keeping my cast list organized. I am used to using After Effects, where you can create folders in your project window, and organize all your assets into them. While overall, I prefer Director's interface to Flash, the inability to organize the cast properly (not to mention the lack of multiple undos!) really get to me. With the director cast, not only can I not create folders, I am afraid to even move cast members around for fear of breaking something because so many director functions refer to a cast member by number. I have always found it difficult to organize at the same time that I am trying to be creative. Because of this, I tend to be initially messy with my cast and code while I try to get things looking right on stage. Then, when I have things looking and working how I like them, I go back and clean up before moving on to the next scene or segment of the project. I am getting the impression, that this doesn't work so well in Director. As a result, my cast list keeps getting messier and messier. Any tips on A: staying organized in the first place, and B: organizing an already messy cast would be helpful.
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          1. Create multiple casts. These would be the equivalent of folders, in
          terms of a metaphor. You can name the casts anything that you like. I
          prefer to segregate my members by type. So I may have casts titled
          "code", "graphics", "text", etc. The names change based on the needs of
          the project.

          2. Name your members. If you import graphics from PS layers, for
          instance, each new graphic will come in with the layer name. Name your
          behaviors, this makes them easier to find when you need to apply them.

          Any imported cast member will be named with the file name of the
          original minus the file extension. You may want to develop a naming
          convention to make organization of the members more simple.

          If you reference your members by name in your code, and you don't have
          any duplicate names, Director will manage the members for you, you don't
          need to remember what cast they are located in.

          3. If you move a member from one location to another by dragging the
          member, Director will remember and update all of the relationships for
          that member. If you cut and paste, you will lose the relationships.

          Rob Dillon
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            Mattnesss Level 1
            Thanks for the tips. I didn't realize that a project could contain multiple casts. That helps a ton. Good to know about your 3rd tip. I had been scared of doing that. I thought I had moved something once and it broke, but I might have cut and pasted it.
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              *Always* refer to members by name (and therefore ensure unique names),
              *never* by cast member number - that way you can move members without
              breaking lingo member references