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    Resize document maintain larger text.


      I am working on an Owner's Manual that needs to be resized. Going from Letter to Letter - Half (portrait).

      I have successfully resized the document and scaled the content using the page tool and some help I found on another thread. This is where the fun begins. As I attempt to scale the content my text becomes far too small. Not a big deal to fix, however being an owner's manual most pages are arranged based on topic and must remain near specific images etc.


      A few important things to note:

      • Using InDesign CC 2017
      • This document has been updated by different parties for the past 5+ years. It's a mess, fortunately the client is well aware.
      • Changes to the content are not optional.
      • Additional pages are not a problem. Currently 57 pages.
      • I know how important margins are, but 1. I don't have exact ones from the printer yet. 2. I need to find a resolution to the bigger problem at hand first.
      • Very little of the text is linked together, although in the current state I think that is beneficial
      • I don't expect there to be a quick fix (though that would be a great surprise) I just want to go about this in the most efficient way.


      Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions.