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    Paused Playback at Every Slide...

      At first glance this program seems pretty handy, but I'm slowly getting annoyed that it gets difficult to do the most simple of screen captures. I had just gotten comfortable using it and went on a trip... when I came back and began trying to publish some training videos... I'm running into all kinds of issues...

      - Captivate won't record my mouse movements now, but it did before I left
      I have toggled the "Record mouse movments" button to no avail

      - Every type of file I create (.exe, Flash) the slides pause between every one... I have to hit the play button to make it continue on and I've read the manual cover to cover and no where does it talk about my problems.

      Can someone shed some light on this? I have deadlines that are approaching fast and if I can't get this software to cooperate I'm going to have to find another that will. Thanks in advance for your time.