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    Formatting Text


      Hello all


      It has been a few months since I have done work on my site.


      I am trying to format text to add links.  I have created my text frames within my pages and added the text.


      I am trying to use the text tool to select the text, but all it's doing is adding another text frame.  Not sure what I'm missing.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          • Did you double click into the text box?

          • Is a different (perhaps transparent)) element overlapping the text box?

          • Did you try to edit text in a newly created textbox after having restarted Muse?

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            NickParsons Level 1

            I've never done any transparencies using Muse.


            In regards to the newly created textboxes, I never entered any data into them, even after restarting Muse.


            Perhaps your first suggestion could be.  I will double click the text box and see what happens.


            Will keep you updated.

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              Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

              I didn’t refer to "transparency", but to transparent elements. If you place a rectangle for example, it is transparent. And if this is placed over a text frame, you can’t reach the text frame.

              Referring to "newly created textboxes": I wanted to make sure, that there is no "hickup" within your document. If something doesn’t work, it is best practice to try this by opening a new document and try there.

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                NickParsons Level 1

                I didn't know that about transparent elements.


                Might it be best then two delete those two pages and create new ones?  Would it still be possible to have them placed in their original locations in my nav bar?

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                  NickParsons Level 1

                  Would I just relink the pages to my nav bar at that point?

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                    Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

                    Really don’t know, what you are trying to achieve.

                    Your initial question was about editing text. Is this working now or not?

                    • If you use the arrow tool (the first tool in your toolbar), can you simply select the text element? If you can, a simple double click should allow you to edit the text.
                    • If you use the text tool: Simply click into your text frame.

                    This should work,

                    • if there is no other element above the text element.
                    • if your text element is not placed on your master page, but you are now working on your layout page. (I assume, this is your issue!)
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                      NickParsons Level 1

                      I just figured out the problem.  Reason I couldn't access any of the text in any of the pages was because I had locked each one.  Of course, once you lock the page, nothing can be changed.  Why hadn't I thought of this yesterday working on it?


                      And yes, I am working on my layout pages, not my Master page.


                      Thank you for your suggestions regardless.



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                        Preran Adobe Employee

                        Thank you for posting your solution here. It will help other users with a similar issue.