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    Getting Bad Request error from Echosign Api

    narayanak Level 1


      We are evaluating Adobe Sign for integrating it with our (my company) Web app named Customer Portal. We are trying and evaluting the Rest Api service  https://secure.na1.echosign.com/public/docs/restapi/v5
      On the course when we try to create widget with uploaded transient document, service returns 400 Bad Request, when investigated on Api request log I got the following response message -
      code": "BAD_REQUEST",
      "message": "Adobe Sign was unable to create your agreement because the document(s) exceeded your page limit. (apiActionId=CBJCHBCAABAA2i7S6qaj056DLiCtc9nPGCQ9jGMB38ub) (apiActionId=CBJCHBCAABAA2i7S6qaj056DLiCtc9nPGCQ9jGMB38ub)"

      Also i got email like below -
      We were unable to create your agreement [DEMO USE ONLY] superwidget because your document one page.pdf exceeds your page limit of 100.

      Though our uploaded document have only one page and size of that document is just 134KB but email stated it exceeds page limit of 100.

      Could you please explain it why its happening and how to solve this issue and create widget?

      FYI - I am using Free Trail account for evaluation purpose, got stuck here.

      One more question on Rest Api -
      In a Create Widgets service is it possible to merge Transient document with the library document?

      Any help is greatly appreciated

      Thanks & Regards,
      Narayana Karthik