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    new lightroom CC install resetting develop settings on old images




      This is my first post here (hi ).


      My query is a confusing one, apologies for the heading, i'm not sure how to word it.


      I have recently upgraded my computer to the new macbook pro.

      Last night I installed the Adobe CC and copied my images and catolog (and develop settings) over from my previous computer.


      When I open lightroom, all looks a-ok. However when I go into the develop module, the image shows up as I expect it to, but within a second or two, it resets my previous edits / develop settings.


      The develop settings are there and visible - both in the presets panel and written in the images history. But the image preview shows as completely flat ie; my previous edits (which were done on my previous computer) have been reset.

      Not entirely reset - if the image was edited to be B&W then it is still B&W, but its like all contrast style settings are gone.


      NB: the issue only happens when entering the develop module - they show up fine in the library module (unless i have already selected an image in the develop module, in which case it shows as 'reset' when i return to the library module afterwards. But all other images in the same collection, so long as i haven't selected them specifically whilst in develop, show up correctly/with previous edits).


      I cannot seem to rectify the issue.

      I have spent a solid hour on google, tried reopening and closing lightroom numerous times, tried deleting and recopying / installing the presets, checked and unchecked the use graphics processor option and the store presets option in lightroom preferences ... but still, every time I select an image in my library I watch it go from my original edit to something kind of reset or halfway there (and with no way of knowing what it has actually reset)...


      Does this make sense ? Sorry its very confusing. I am hoping somebody may be able to be of assistance / has had a similar issue and they can share some wisdom learned.


      Thank you,


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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Are you talking about Presets or the actual edits on an image.

          Presets are just text files that tell LR what edits to do to an image.

          Please state what type of files you are working with, JPG, TIFF, PSD or RAW or DNG files?

          Did you also copy over any XMP files that may have been in the same folders as your images? I ask that because Finder may or may not show them if there are any.

          Is there any ! marks with the images?

          Did you also copy over the Previews folder?

          Suspecting you did copy over your Presets did you placed them in the exact same folder structure they in on your old computer (And that goes for the image files also).

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            mdylan Level 1

            Hello Just Shoot Me - thanks for your reply !


            I am talking about the actual edits (which have used presets along with other tweaks to get to their stage of edited).


            I am working with both raw and jpegs (jpegs are scanned 35mm film).


            I'm not sure if I copied XMP files or the Previews folder, I am assuming no - I have tried googling this but to no avail - essentially, I copied my LR catalog, my images folder (which contains all the original raw & jpeg files that are present in the catalog) and my develop presets onto a portable hard drive & then copied them to the correct places onto the new computer's hard drive (after downloading the Creative Cloud onto the new computer).

            Is there where my issue is presenting do you think ?


            There are no ! marks with the images. All of the 'previews' are directing to the correct corresponding image files.


            I did place the develop presets in the develop presets folder (in fact i just replaced the new computer's folder <which was empty> with the older computer's folder).


            Thank you again for taking the time to respond to my query.


            Kindest, Maggie

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              XMP files are created for Proprietary RAW files "IF" you have that the option selected in the Catalog Settings of LR or if you opened proprietary RAW file in Adobe Camera RAW.

              With LR if you have that option selected the edits are written to both the catalog file and into the XMP file. So unless you specifically checked that option no XMP files were created in LR.

              With JPG, TIFF, PSD and DNG files with that option checked and the option just above that, "Included Develop settings in metadata inside JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and PSD files" then the edits are written to a special section of those image file formats along with being written into the LR catalog file.


              What happens if you select the Top most History entry? Do the edits then show up properly?


              Please go to the Help menu item in LR and select System info. Inn the dialog window that opens what is the Exact version of LR that is installed? If it is anything other than CC 2015.10.1 [1117303] then you are not running the most current version of LR. In some older versions, not sure which this happened, the edits where not displaying properly on some image formats. If you aren;t running the most current version of LR this might be part of that bug. So update LR from the CC DTA and if that says you are up to date then manually download and install the .10.1 update from here.


              Download Photoshop Lightroom

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                mdylan Level 1

                Hi Just Shoot Me,


                I do not have the 'automatically write changes into XMP' selected. (Should I?)

                I do have the option above it selected - 'include develop settings in metadata etc'.


                No, the edits do not show up properly if i select the top most history entry.


                The issue is kind of like the age old problem of lightroom flashing you the jpeg version of your file for a second while its loading your raw previews, and then noticing that dramatic change when you are presented with the real raw file. Except its not the jpeg and raw preview, its my edited preview then becoming 'somewhat' unedited (not sure how to explain that but it doesn't remove the entire edit, ie, it doesn't revert the image back to raw. Eg if the image was edited to B&W, it remains B&W but appears to remove all contrast settings. It doesn't ACTUALLY remove these settings, because i can see by the adjustment data that they are still reading the same.


                I am running that correct (and most recent update) version of lightroom - CC 2015.10.1 [1117303]...


                Kindest, Maggie

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                  mdylan Level 1

                  Update- I selected the 'automatically write changes into XMP'  in the original catalog on my old computer and then 're-dragged' across onto my new computer, but it is still having the same issue ...

                  i've attached a screenshot of an example / test image representing the issue below; the image on the left is how the image presents in the library module (which includes the correct edits from my previous computer) and the image on the right is how it then presents when i select the develop module (which you can see flattens)-


                  lr develop issue.png