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    After Effects and Premiere Pro duplicating images and displaying incorrect images when imported

    CJBoucherMedia Level 1



      I'm having one hell of a problem right now with After Effects and Premiere Pro. It's so bad even Adobe Customer Care is at a loss.


      I am working on an animatic based on images of a storyboard, 89 pages in total. when I import them into AE or Pr some images appear as duplicates of others.


      For example, if I import pages 86-89, they show up in the program as either all page 86 or even page 42 (completely different pages)


      I have imported individual images just to make sure it wasn't because I imported all the images at once and I still have the same issue/


      Has anyone had this issue before? if so how did you fix it? Customer care fiddled around with the Common folder but that did nothing. I even updated it and nothing.