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    Help!! "The file appears to be unsupported or damaged."


      I've been using Lightroom (Version 6.0 Build 1014445, Windows 10) most recently with my Sony a6000 (editing RAW images).  I upgraded to a Sony a7ii and went out this morning to take my first shots...upon my return I wanted to edit some photos.  Imported the 15 or 20 RAW images (these files are "uncompressed" RAW images, I didn't have this option on my a6000 -- each file roughly 48 megs) from my card and mapped to the correct folder through Lightroom (same folder I've used to upload my a6000 photos from).  All seemed to be going fine until i clicked the "Develop" tab.  Immediately upon doing so, at the top middle of the picture a black box with white text says "The file appears to be unsupported or damaged."  I googled a fix for this and came across a post from Feb 2017 and it appears nothing worked (uninstall/reinstall, etc., etc.).  The guy was only able to fix the issue by going through the "chat" support feature on the Adobe website.  Well, they're not open on weekends, so was seeing if anyone had any suggestions/quick fixes.


      Thanks in advance!