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    Develop module is disabled


      i have a Creative Cloud Photography plan but I get the message "Develop module is disabled". When I log out and log in I still have the same issue.


      Have tried some suggested solution from the forum but have not worked. Can you help?



      Lightroom version: CC 2015.10 [ 1111918 ]


      Operating system: Windows 7

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          cmgap Adobe Community Professional

          When did this behavior start? What changes have occurred since the last time you were able to edit your images? Did you update your system? Is your account information correct? Check this in preferences in your Creative Cloud Manager (click the gear icon). Are you on a trial version? Can you send a screen shot of your CC Manager Apps?

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            Bristol-Surfer Level 1

            Creative cloud.jpgsign in page1.jpgsign in page2.jpgI believe it started after a software update about a month or two ago. It

            does look like I have the trial version but this has worked before when I

            log in with my adobe login...

            Problems started when I tried logging in and went through a continuous loop

            of two login screens. This now happens when I try run Photoshop. The two

            screen images are attached FYI..,

            My account information seems correct. I am logged in to both creative cloud

            and lightroom.

            Photos' will sync from my laptop and I can see them on my ipad but I can't

            use the develop module in lighjtroom on my laptop.

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              cmgap Adobe Community Professional

              Check to make sure that you are on the current version of CCM:


              Check Creative Cloud app version

              To check the version of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app:

              1. Launch the Creative Cloud desktop app and sign in with your Adobe ID.
              2. Click the gear icon and choose Preferences > General.

              If you are on it is current. If not update CCM and check the box that says always keep CC desktop up to date.


              If you are up to date then try this:

              Sign out of CCM > quit Lr and Ps > Restart your machine > Open CCM and sign in. If you see the same then you may need to update your CC Manager or uninstall and reinstall it.

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                Bristol-Surfer Level 1



                I have tried logging out, restarting, uninstalling and then re-installing. This does not fix the issue - I still get he message "Develop module is disabled" and can not use the develop module.

                Please can you help?


                Many Thanks,