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    Lightroom 5 issues with NEF files....HELP


      My computer crashed last week and I had to reinstall Lightroom 5.  I had no issues with it prior to my computer issue, but now with all NEF files, I have the message "preview unavailable for this file".  I can see all of the NEF files on my computer, and on Photoshop with no issues.  I thought that when I had originally purchased the Lightroom 5 software, that there was a setting in Lightroom that I needed to change in order for the NEF files to show previews just like a JPG file would.  Is there a setting in Lightroom or software that I need to download in order for Lightroom 5 to recognize these files?  I am definitely an amateur when it comes to any ediiting software, as I just use it as a hobby.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!