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    Going Mobile: Draw on the iPad

    Janet L Stoppee Level 1

      The Adobe Illustrator Draw mobile app is fun but doesn’t “fun” sound like it’s all easy, breezy little projects that you knock out in a few minutes? Draw is great for fast stuff but it can also be a primary tool for doing some vector art masterpieces.


      Andreas Preis proves the “free-flowing” creative inspiration and “masterpiece” fit into the same breath when using Draw. Here’s step-by-step how to for bringing together the Adobe mobile apps Sketch, Draw and Capture. See how Andreas creates using his Apple iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil stylus. Take a look at his process and how you can apply it to your projects.



      The two videos show Andreas inking in the sketch, as well as his application of color, utilizing layers that really reveal the power of these mobile apps, allowing travel time to be productive as well.


      Does the work of Andreas feel so smooth without the stiffness often associated with vector art because he’s working on a tablet? There’s only one way to find out: try it yourself!