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    Apple says future iOS (11?) will not support Ps Touch!

    oldguy666 Level 1

      I now have an iPad Pro 2 running iOS 10. I get a warning that this app (Ps Touch) will not be supported by the next iOS (11). Is there another Adobe app that will replace the Touch? They say to contact Adobe, so that is what I am doing. I love Touch and have a lot of work yet to be done. Will there be an update in time for the move to iOS 11 this fall?

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          noneofyour Level 1

          Well, this is the deal. Adobe has decided to stop supporting Photoshop Touch. That is why you can't find it in the app store. Eventually it will be so incompatible with future IOS, that it won't work. I am already experiencing problems with the app crashing.


          Sadly but not surprising, Adobe has decided to stop development one of their best ipad app. The other apps they have are nothing but useless junk. At least for my taste and uses. I have downloaded all of them and tried them. If I could put them all in a pile of junk and burn it, I would. Amd I am being very nice here.


          It's too bad, I guess that Adobe realized that they had created something too good and was taking business away from other software, so they pulled the plug. Greed at it's best! I would suggest that you try other apps and never go back to Adobe products. I have been reading online about this issue and Adobe has pissed off a lot people and many have found substitutes and some actually like it better. Some are suggesting Pixelmator, and Photogene. many claim that it's is much better that Photoshop Touch.


          As for me, I am following the crowds and looking for other software that will give me what I need. With Photoshop Touch for iPad gone now, I am pretty much kissing Adobe good bye for good. At one time Photoshop was "the app," but now days there are a lot of just as good or better in some areas Software. Good Luck!

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            erikn67460698 Level 1

            This absolutely devastating!  I’ve been working on a project that will help disabled children for many years and I have all of my work saved in .psdx format on the Adobe Cloud.  I am beyond sad to agree with @noneofyour, but none of Adobe’s other apps appear to even be able to open a .psdx file much less edit the files in basic ways.  Is Adobe abandoning all users that need to edit files using their own file format? 

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              tansudincer Level 1

              If this isn't outrageous then what? How come they can decide to stop updating software that you have paid for?

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                All vendors stop supporting old programs at some point


                Microsoft did the same thing, and all under their own control... The perfectly good MS Office 97 I owned stopped working (would not even install) when I moved from a WinXP computer to a Win7 computer... Microsoft had TOTAL control over their own products (unlike here, where Adobe has NO control over Apple's operating system) and I was forced to buy MS Office again to be able to use it... So if you want to blame someone for your program not working, contact Apple... or don't upgrade your Apple operating system

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                  richardt62456358 Level 1

                  I also was disappointed to heat PSTouch was being dropped.  I,enjoyed using it although Photoshop on thee iMac was enough better that I tended to use that.  I will look at other programs for the iPad since Adobe is giving up,on a good product.

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                    Tevfromthe90s Level 1

                    I‘d have to say myself I am completely upset by this, I updated my iOS and found out that it wasn’t able to support Photoshop Touch. I created so many brilliant pictures, banners, or flyers. This was one of my favorite apps and I made it a point to share it with many people. I would pay for the app if they decided to update it. PLEASE ADOBE DONT LET ME DOWN !!!!! Please don’t let us down

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                      ScooterB1964 Level 1

                      I am also quite upset to learn that PS Touch will not be compatible with IOS 11.  I'm still using an iPad 3 which doesn't support IOS 11 so I'm safe on this iPad but I need to purchase a newer more current iPad model soon.


                      Although I thought the App was overpriced at just barely under $20 when I got it I consisered it more of a long term investment expeding Adobe to support the product.  I'd be happy with just enough work to maintain a stable PS Touch for IOS updates with out any new features and believe I paid enough to reasonably expect that much.

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                        This is killing me.  I did so much with PS Touch.  I would have gladly paid $50-$100 for it.  I can't find anything else out there that has 1/2 of what PS Touch has or does.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them.  I wish they'd bring this back.  REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!