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    Grain and noise why is this bad?


      ok I can see if its a terrible or lousy image and full of unwanted grain or noise.

      Grain or noise can be used creativly!

      Back in my day as a film photographer we did use grain as a technique. we would shoot the film at a higher rate ASA (iso) and then push process it that would bring grain into the image. Some of the images had a unique look with all the grain and so it actually started a trend of creative grainy photography images. We would also use a method of reticulation, this method was done during developing of the film and it would change the emulsion layer by sudden temperature change causing stress on the emulsion and an interesting look in the final printed image.


      What I am getting at is you here at Adobe call this terrible and a bad product!

      Your judgement is far from true!

      Grain and noise can be creative!

      Do remember advertisng agencies look for and need creative!

      what you are doing is restricting your creative abilities

      maybe what you need is a creative upload for clients to see.


      SO the image has grain or noise? This could be a good thing

      I know generally it's not and the image sucks, that's not always true.

      You have rejected a lot of my images as noisy, yet they are good looking images

      i'm sure hundreds of images are rejected that could be sold?


      you must have a system that reads the noise or grain level in the image

      this does not see the image itself, composition, lighting, dof, colors, and feel of the image




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