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    Help with images

      I am needing to find a (or a couple) cfx tags to allow me to work with images on my site. The first thing I need to do is upload an image to the server and add a record to the database of the file along with some input from the user about the file including caption. I also need to resize this file to a max attribute for one of the height or width. And lastly I need to make a thumbnail for the photo.

      I want to use CFX_Image_MX that my host already has installed, but can not find any docs and the host is not very helpful with it. I am a intermediate user of CF and my goal is to make an admin area that will allow the user to edit photo details and add new. I want to do this without the use of a FTP to upload the image and then using the web to edit details. I want a one stop shop so to speak.

      Can anyone help me out?