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    Survey View questions

    southwestform Level 1

      While in Survey View looking at multiple photos to compare:


      1. is there a way to zoom in on part of the image and quickly switch to another image to compare the difference? Similar to what can be done with two images side by side, though I'm working on changes to multiple virtual copies and want to see which I like best.

      2. is there a way to select one of the images in Survey mode and see the settings or presets applied?



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          dj_paige Level 10

          I believe the answer to both questions is NO


          But with regard to question #2, you could select an image, press D to go to Develop Module, check the settings or presets applied, and then press N to go back to survey mode.

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            bhousto90 Level 4

            I believe that the new Develop module Reference view would help you the most with what you want.

            Note: you need to be using CC version for this to work (version 2015.8 or higher.)

            Details here: Work with the Develop module in Lightroom


            It allows you to select a reference photo i.e. original and then you can switch between other 'active' photos (virtual copies or others in burst sequence etc.) and view/change develop settings of the active photo to match reference or just view the history steps (which would include the applied preset info)



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