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    Has anyone here ever made a "phone gap" application with database access?


      I am testing a code, however I can only save information in the browser, when I test on the mobile I can not save.




      file banco.js


      it's work in browser but not in mobile.





      window.addEventListener('load', carregado);

      var db = openDatabase("myDB", "1.0", "TiPS Database Example", 2 * 1024 * 1024);

      function carregado(){   


          document.getElementById('btn-salvar').addEventListener('click', salvar);

          document.getElementById('btn-deletar').addEventListener('click', deletar);


          db.transaction(function(tx) {


              tx.executeSql("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS myTable ( id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,nome TEXT,senha TEXT, email TEXT)" );









      function salvar(){

          var id = document.getElementById('field-id').value;

          var nome = document.getElementById('field-name').value;

          var pass = document.getElementById('field-pass').value;

          var mail = document.getElementById('field-mail').value;



          db.transaction(function(tx) {


                  tx.executeSql('UPDATE myTable SET nome=?, senha=?, email=? WHERE id=?', [nome,pass,mail,id],null);


                  tx.executeSql('INSERT INTO myTable ( nome,senha,email) VALUES (?, ?, ?)', [nome,pass,mail]);