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    trackpad pinch to zoom




      Acrobat DC Pro 17 on Mac OS 10.9.5 (Mavericks) doesn't seem to support trackpad pinch-to-zoom on my macbook pro (2015). In fact, in read mode if I try to pinch-to-zoom, acrobat hangs.


      Anyone noticed the same? Could it be a specific setting or it's a bug?



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          hmzppz Level 1

          Interestingly enough, trackpad pinch-to-zoom works in Acrobat XI on the same computer! So this does appear to be a bug, at least on Mac OS 10.9.5.


          Also, in the browser plugin of the Acrobat DC, pinch-to-zoom kind of works, but behaves in a weird way. After a couple of in and out pinch-to-zooms the rendering quality of the PDF deteriorates to non-retina quality. This might be related to another long-standing bug that in full-screen mode only the first page is displayed in retina quality and switches to non-retina after that.