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    XML Question

      How do I make XML appear on layer embedded within another layer embedded within another layer? Right now I'm trying to get a transition layer that has symbols within symbols to display xml from an external file. All the happens is it currently displays the graphics that I made with the XML, but does not display the XML itself. Included is the XML script that I'm using to display the XML.

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          2m Level 2

          It seems what you want to do calls for the use of dynamicly created movieclips, but the code you provide is a it sparse.

          With that code you just populte two textfields with values from an xml.

          If you care to provide more details (examples / files) there will be abetter chance to find help.
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            Xodus6.com Level 1
            I finally got the flash to display the XML from the external file except now it says "Undefined" for all the values. I'm using the same code that I provided above, but in order to fix the problem, I loaded an external flash file into another flash file into another. I have the main flash button that opens a flash file within when you click a button and now I have another flash file load within the sub flash file (if this makes any sense??). I guess my question is how do I get it to display the data from the external (txt) file instead of "undefined"?