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    Wolverine Moviemaker 960x720 H.264 MP4 30fps ---> 16fps




      I have a Wolverine Moviemaker that scans 8mm movie film frame by frame, but it outputs an H.264 MP4 960x720 file that is 30fps.  I simply want to change the frame rate to the original 16.67fps so it plays at the right speed on a PC as the mfr suggests. (wolverinedata.com).


      When I load the movie clip PE15 correctly shows the properties as 960x720 30fps Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0

      I use Time stretch set to 16.67/30 = 56%

      The preview shows a 16:9 window, i.e. black bars on left and right

      Project settings - General - Video - Frame Size - is set to 1280 x 720 and won't let me change it even though the fields are white, i.e. not greyed out.

      How do I edit the Project Settings to 960x720 so it renders without bars on the left and right?  There doesn't seem to be an appropriate preset to use when starting a new project.  Is PE not the right application for this?

      THANKS! Steve

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You're not going to be able to do that in Premiere Elements. That's a very non-standard frame size, and I'm not sure how or why your digitizer is outputting video at that resolution.


          The easiest and best solution is to edit this video with the software that came with the program and save Premiere Elements for video from camcorders and phones. Trying to use Premiere Elements to edit this odd video is going to just lead to headache after headache.


          The other option is to download the free video converter Handbrake and see if it will convert this video to a more standard 640x480. I know that reduces the resolution a bit -- but you're working from Super 8 movies, which isn't going to give you clean, sharp high-def video anyway.


          There is no 4:3 high-def video format, so trying to editing it in high-def will mean either a) a video with black bars on either side of the video frame or b) a video that fills the frame but is cropped off on the top or bottom.


          (BTW, in your post you say you used "Time Stretch" to expand the video to fill your frame. I assume that's a type. Time Stretch will slow down or speed up the playback of your video. It doesn't enlarge it.)

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            sparkie001 Level 1

            Thanks, I thought I was going crazy!

            The digitizer outputs this video using firmware.  There was no software included with the digitizer.

            I used Time Stretch to slow down the frame rate to normal for 8mm.

            I guess I'll have to live with the bars.  The mfr seemed to indicate that it was no big deal to modify the file.

            Normally I would just slow down the playback with VLC but that doesn't help with uploading to Facebook.

            I just realized that I could play back the file in VLC at 60% speed and use it's record button.  Good enough!

            Thanks again!