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    Set zoom on hyperlink destination

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I have created a chart in Illustrator with footnote reference numbers at different points on the chart and then the reference notes at the bottom of the chart. I've placed this illustrator file into Indesign and now need to create links from the reference numbers to the notes at the bottom. For reference note number 1 (at the foot of the chart) I drew a rectangle around the notes section (without any fill or stroke) and as it was selected I chose "New Hyperlink Destination" from the links panel. I then drew a transparent circle around the first reference number in the text and using the "Buttons and Forms" panel, I created a button with an action of "Go to Destination" and then chose the destination that I had created earlier using the transparent rectangle. I exported to pdf to test it out and the link worked but when I pressed the link (on top of reference number 1), it just showed the whole page. Instead I want it to zoom into the area around the rectangle which I used to cover the first reference note at the bottom.


      When I created the hyperlink destination using the rectangle, the type was set to "Page". There was another option to set it to "URL" which I didn't use and the other option of "Text Anchor" was greyed out. I tried to change the "Zoom Setting" option from "Fixed" to "Fit Width" but it wouldn't let me change anything, ie. it kept remaining at fixed.


      Can anyone tell me how I can get this to work, ie. click the number in the chart, have it go to the related text at the bottom and have the zoom be the same size as the rectangle around the reference text?


      Would really appreciate any help.