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    Smart object stopped working CC cant reach serversant


      I have a photoshop effect thing with a smart object (i love sweaters, a sweater knit generator object) that when i edited the smart object before and saved it it would ask me to pick a thing (the displacement map) to save with 3 times while updating the smart object, but currently its like file not found

      MY brother is an IT guy and he thinks its because creative cloud cant access the servers or because theres a bug in photoshop version i have, and because i cant access the servers i cant uninstall and reinstall photoshop, my brother changed my firewall and time settings but CC still isnt working


      Screenshot (134).png


      Im on windows 10, using a surface pro 4Screenshot (133).png

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          To me it sound like you  opened a smart object Layer object to replace the current Pattern.  In to course of updating the smart object some Smart Distort>Displacement Filter had to be re-applied.  That the displacement PSD file that was used as the displacement map is not on you system in the correct path so it is not found.  I do not use Adobe Libraries.  If you do Photoshop may be trying to connect to the creative cloud to sync your libraries to resolve the missing Displacement map. If the displacement map in an Adobe creative cloud library you use? If it is have you check your firewall rules allow accessing that Adobe creative cloud library server