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    roll over state speed control

    AshokRKatika Level 1

      Hi i am new to muse


      My requirement is to slow down the roll over speed on text frame.


      I achieved this by writing out HTML code and keeping out in composition. It seems fine but i have many HTML codes so the composition widget is over lapping.


      I tried the roll over by muse but with this i am unable to restrict the rollover speed ,unable to attach the .muse file henceforth i published my site.


      Link - musefirstsite01.businesscatalyst.com


      I want to make the "ABOUT" rollover speed as "CONTACT US" by muse. can you please help me out in this as because through HTML i am having issue of composition overlapping as i have many stuff.


      It will be helpful if i can restrict the roll over speed through muse.