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    How to log out from DOCUMENT CLOUD on Android?


      Hi everybody and everyone! I am on Android 4.4.2. I have Adobe Acrobat 17.1.1 installed, which goes toghether with DOCUMENT CLOUD. The whole selling point of this cloud thing is that our documents will be 100% safe, they swear it! But I can find no way to log out from my Cloud, which means that anybody getting hold of my smartphone has full access to everything I store on my Adobe Cloud (and could for example jut delete everything!). Can you think of anything LESS SECURE than this? (Note that I have a pin code to access my phone, but that's easy to crack.).

      My question is: Is there a way I can log out from my cloud and log in only when I need it?

      I cannot believe someone, somewhere, designed a "secure" device that has as only option to be permanently open to anybody! And, on the contrary to the Google Drive app (which has the same deffect), the Adobe cloud is bundled to Adobe Acrobat, so you cannot choose not to have direct open access to your cloud by uninstalling the Adobe Cloud app.

      Thanks for your advice.