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    How to move ISO-specific development presets to a new computer?

    marcob34758094 Level 1

      Dear experts and community,


      I have bought a new computer (2017 iMac 27", AWSOME!) and have easily moved my LR catalogue and Maters to the new machine. I also moved the preferences and all (~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/) to the new computer, and almost all works fine. JUST: the ISO-specific default development presets were lost somewhere along the way. And this is really a pain, as I have invested a serious amount of time and effort to defining them.


      So, please, if anybody could help me identify their whereabouts or the trick I'm unaware of to make them be applied also on my new machine?! That would be awesome!


      Looking forward to getting hints,





      PS: I'm on Lightroom 6.10.1, on a Mac (obviously) and yes, I do have the full backup of my old iMac still around...