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    Wacom tablet issue with InDesign

    camelbreath Level 1

      Custom built computer, Windows 10 64 bit, up-to-date; Core i7 3.5 6-core; 32 gig ram; Invidia GTX 980 video card


      My computer is set up for graphics and motion, I use several of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs plus Microsoft 365 Word, Excel and occasionally PowerPoint to pursue my business. I use a Wacom Intous 3 tablet for navigation with a mouse on the side.


      This setup has operated flawlessly for two years — and then for some reason Adobe InDesign either does not respond to input from the tablet, or there is a delayed response in selecting objects or editing text. If I click on the object or text with the mouse, the response is normal. After I click on the object with the mouse, then the tablet will work normally for a while and then go back to slow or no response. The tablet works fine in Photoshop and Illustrator and Dreamweaver.


      For the Microsoft programs, in Word and Excel, with the tablet, I get a small dot instead of a normal cursor which I believe is the pencil tool instead of the normal cursor. All of this began simultaneously. Sometimes I also get the dot with the mouse, but manage to get it to work normally most of the time.


      I have the latest updated driver installed for the tablet. I have a current model tablet I use with my laptop and I thought since the Intuous 3 is an older tablet, that might be the problem, so I removed the old driver and tablet and installed the new tablet and driver and the results were the same, so I know the problem is not with the older tablet. I have pen and touch enabled in the Windows settings.


      I called Wacom tech service and he had me delete preferences to see if that resolved the problem.  It did not. I also deleted preferences on InDesign and that did not solve the problem.


      I am more or less at my wits end since InDesign is a key program in my workflow.


      Any help is appreciated.