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    Edited image in CC has erased "contents" of layers in .psd file


      Graduate student, who is new, as of this week, to Photoshop CC desperate and in urgent need of help!


      I am sure my problem is not unique and that an answer can be found somewhere in cyberspace, but after hours of research, I cannot find one.


      Scenario & history:


      • No backup, of course
      • Opened .psd file to make some final adjustments to an image in its own layer.
      • Saved file
      • An hour later, opened file to review it one last time before submitting assignment due tonight.
      • The image layer seemed to have saved over the contents/objects in all of the other 20 layers.
      • Since I closed the actual program after editing & saving the image, the history window is of no use and neither is Bridge.
      • All layers with effects/edits are visible & do appear, but there is nothing in the layers.


      Have tried everything that I can think of, given my limited experience with PS.


      I did not knowingly flatten the image or compress/combine layers.


      Thank you in advance for any help,



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          rayek.elfin Level 4

          The PSD file got corrupted somehow. Lacking a backup file, your only option left is to attempt to open the file in another PSD compatible application to see if at least some of your work can be rescued.


          I have used Photoline (www.pl32.com) before to save lost layers of work in corrupted PSD files before. The trial version is fully functional, so try that, and report back if it worked out for you. With some luck you ought to be able to retrieve at least some of your layers.


          And next time use versioning. With each major change, save a new version.


          Also, a backup temp file might still be available on your system - but by now, it is probably gone.

          Mac: How to find Photoshop Temp files on Mac? - Info | Remo Software


          System drive (C:)/Users/ your user name here/AppData/Roaming/Adobe Photoshop (CS6 or CC)/AutoRecover

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Kelly.


            I really feel for you, but we see a good few posts like your in an average year, and they never have a happy ending.  I am not even sure how your particular issue could have happened.  A fairly common Photoshop gotcha, is after saving to PDF with layers turned off in the save dialog window, and later saving the PSD with layers still turned off.  That one has got me twice with a days work lost.


            This is not going to help you, but because we see this so often, regular posters on this forum tend to save large projects with incremental file names every hour or so.  It only takes a system crash part way through saving a PSD file to wipe it out.  My favourite thread was a young lad doing a school project on a laptop using battery power. He could see the battery running low, but tried to finish the job anyway until things looked desperate.  He then started saving the file and ran to find the power block, but the laptop died part way through the save.  He lost the whole project.  


            So I wish you luck recreating your project.