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    Photoshop psd spec "psfl"


      Hi Photoshop experts,


      I'm trying to read a psd file in my app and came across a point in the spec I do not understand.

      I'm referring to the psd file format spec.

      Specifically, I'm trying to read the "psfl" photo filter information from the additional layer information section of the file.


      The spec states:


      "4 bytes each for XYZ color (Only in Version 3)"


      The spec doesn't say in what format these color components are stored.

      So I've tried reading this as Uint32, Float32 but neiter of these formats yields a value that make sense.

      I think the XYZ components should be floating point values.

      For example RGB (0.0,1.0,0.0) should be XYZ (0.385065, 0.716879, 0.097105) - using this color calculator


      Could someone tell in what format these components are stored?


      Thanks for your help