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    Help relocating LR files




      I'm going to be wiping my Macbook Pro soon and want to have everything backed up on my external HD so that I can reload it.  I have everything else done except my Lightroom files.  I would like to make sure that I am doing it correctly and thoroughly, and that I can still access everything once I put LR back on.


      Here are the files that I have:

      - Folders with DNG files (I always make a copy as DNG, as I read somewhere to do this, but I'm not sure why...)

      - Folder titled LightroomMasters that has photos in it from before I used LR, I think from iPhoto

      - Folder titled Lightroom --> Lightroom Catalog Previews, Lightroom Catalog Smart Previews, and Lightroom Catalog

                                              --> Backups (there are many of these and I'm not sure if I really need to keep all of the old ones)


      I would also like to know if I need to put everything back on my laptop, or if I can just leave some of it on my external to save space.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!